Motion Detected!

by Kyzrati on 20120806 , under

"Nine meters. Seven. Six."
"That can't be! That's inside the room!"

Yes, this will probably happen to you, too.

Actually, the short range of X-COM motion scanners makes it all that much more likely. Of course, with about five seconds of modding you could expand their effect to cover the entire map. Not that you'd want to, but it's *very* easy now that they're a part of the special abilities system, too.

Since returning from vacation I've been pushing forward on that same system, adding yet more triggers and effects, most notably object spawning which means triggers can now create terrain, items, and units. But everything so far is internal stuff that doesn't make for interesting posts with something visual to show for it, so I sidetracked myself in order to bring you a simple implementation of the motion scanner interface.

Motion scanners are nice, and you are definitely going to want one on the new scenario that will come with the next release, but that's all I'll say about that for now...

Check out this video showing the scanner in action as it gets some relatively heavy use in the urban Exodus map: A spotter locates an enemy hiding in a building and his buddy blows through the wall with his gatling laser. Then we put up a smoke screen before moving into an open area, and find another building swarming with aliens and send a rocket through the door...

Now back to chipping away at the trigger/effect list.
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  • sylverone

    It would be nice if the motion scanner would leave some sort of icon like spotted enemies do. Question marks, perhaps? Maybe the orange glows should remain until the next turn. Otherwise it is very easy to forget which tile was lit up unless you get tedious about remembering or take a screen shot...

  • Kyzrati

    I'll add that to the list of things that will go into the map dynamics update. There will be many new indicators and interactive map overlays at a later point, and adding indicators that stay on the map until the end of turn or until that enemy is revealed would be useful, for sure.

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