Death from Above

by Kyzrati on 20110725 , under ,

Today was all about dishing out the pain! Projectiles now deal their respective damage, cause critical wounds, etc...

After that, went ahead and implemented gravity for entities so that shooting the flying ones out of the air has its proper effect. Killing/stunning a flying unit sends him crashing into the ground (or whatever happens to be below him, hopefully his friends).

Certain objects on the ground may cushion your fall, so you can intentionally jump off a roof into some bushes and hopefully not break anything (probably still a bad idea from the third floor). Or if you're breaching a house from the roof SWAT style, choosing a spot over a bed might be a good idea :)

Here's a screen of testing where units were jumping off the house like so many lemmings... splat!
Such a fall usually wouldn't kill outright, but for testing I had everyone's health dropped to 1, which also made stun tests significantly less of a hassle.

And by extension you get the offensive leap, AKA death from above. You can theoretically jump off a building and drop down on an alien's head--hopefully he'll take more damage than you (wear powered armor for the best effect!).

That gives me an idea for later: What about a quick dog-like alien ally that hangs around on roofs and does exactly that to your soldiers... Now that sounds like a scary terror unit.

Primary recent changes:
  • Added damage effects of non-AOE projectile-entity impacts, taking into account armor, modifiers, etc.
  • Added critical wound system
  • Added body items for unconscious/dead entities
  • Added handling for unit death/unconsciousness/revival
  • Added faction FOV update on member status changes
  • Added falling damage and handling for special cases while falling
  • Added items to map display
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