X@COM Has Landed

by Kyzrati on 20110711 , under

Here are some screenshots , as promised. Not much in the way of a complete map, but putting just this together was already slow going without an editor (I'll make one eventually, so long as this game starts to look promising).

There's an Avenger dropship in the SE corner, some streetlights along a road, a two-story house, and beyond that a raised grassy area topped with trees. A small UFO lies in the NW corner. These shots show the map entirely revealed.

This is the bottom level:

Here is the map viewed from the second level. Areas below the current view height have a very slight blue tint to them, and appear a little darker. (This will be adjusted later as necessary.) You can now see the Avenger's hull, the house's second floor, the raised area in the NE corner, the UFO roof, and tree branches for the bottom level trees:

This is the third level, which only has the tops of the streetlights (from where their light is emitted), Avenger and house roofs, and NE trees branches:

No reason to show the empty fourth level, instead here's the same map at midnight (bottom level):
These brave (stupid?) soldiers have now split up--one's searching the house while the other heads for the UFO alone...
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  • Amarok

    That's some rad stuff right there! This is gonna be so cool.
    What's the scope of this game? Only battlescape or will we be able to research and shoot down UFOs too?

  • Kyzrati

    As long as there's enough interest in the game, I intend to take it all the way. I just wanted to start with the battlescape to see if it could actually be a playable (and more importantly, fun) game. The FAQ has a few details about what I plan to do.

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