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Okay, so I haven't added the sound system yet, but I can just hear it already as I test the explosion code. Everything seems to be working nicely--explosions are propagating damage as expected, terrain is blocking the force of explosions based on its stats...

No animation yet (that's coming up), but below is a shot of the results when a small rocket is fired into a hillside. The rocket hit the second level from the ground, and you can see how the grass is blown away and the dirt caves in.

On the right is some debugging info, showing the relative damage on each level (0, 1, 2). Unlike X-COM, explosions are in 3D, though I've made them a fair bit weaker in the third dimension, so they would technically be more of an elliptical shape if viewed from the side. Vertical explosion effects are completely optional, and can be deactivated to preserve the original X-COM explosion effects (same level only).

You may notice another difference from X-COM: blast patterns. X@COM uses a more rounded pattern, rather than the squarish patterns of X-COM, so your explosions will include a few extra squares. This difference is most noticeable for smaller blasts.

And now on to what I've been waiting for... Time to unleash some serious firepower on that house. Here it is, awaiting destruction, with roof view on (remember, it's two stories):

First we'll pull out our rocket launcher and smack the front door with a small rocket.

But that's not enough! Who has time to fire a few small rockets just to bring down a house? You desire a more effective way to level that thing... How about a large rocket fired through an open door (explosion in middle of first floor):

Still, they have a FENCE left! And someone even managed to survive! Okay, okay--here it comes... the Blaster Launcher!
Soldier-boy there singed his eyebrows with that one!

Let's check out the damage distribution (floor 0, 1, 2):

As you can see, hanging around anywhere outside a window, even in the air far away from ground zero, would be a bad idea when that bomb goes off.

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