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Quick addition: light-emitting items. It was only a few lines of code, since light sources were already attachable to any other object--it was just a matter of detecting and updating light-equipped items. Below is an unexciting shot of an electro-flare (seen top-center, on the ground, as a squad moves in on the area).

The last set of YouTube videos were pretty fuzzy, small, and unimpressive-looking, so I've made a new one that includes most of the same material, but in a larger format and zoomed. Check out the smoke-filled incendiary extravaganza below (you can use HD/fullscreen):

There's no sound yet, so I added some music instead. Not all that X-COMish, but it's the first thing I thought of. The game itself won't really feature much in the way of music--ambient sound/music at the most (like the original)--there'll be an emphasis on sound effects (with lots of interface sfx).

By popular request, here's a screenshot showing damage distribution from a large rocket, as impeded by brick walls:
(Okay, it was just Creepy who mentioned it, but seeing as how few people know about X@COM, he does make up a good percentage of the readership :)

I've also added a page containing the full changelog, which will be updated with every new version (whether internal or released). See the link at the top of the blog.

Probably going to work on parabolic trajectories next, to enable throwing and the potential for weapons like mortars (obviously not something to be included in the initial core game, but they could appear in a later mod).
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  • Creepy

    Will the grenade throws have the same "ceiling" problem as the original for folks with really high strength, or are you gonna just leave that little quirk out?

  • Kyzrati

    I intended to post the new throwing update a couple days ago, but I've gotten caught up in adding several related features along with (unfortunately) breaking libtcod while asking for mouse wheel support :( Big sorry to Jice!

    Throwing is pretty much done, I just need to test the miss distribution. I'll explain it in more detail later, but simply put: there are no limits except the battlescape ceiling itself (I'm not going to code special cases that allow particles to leave the map and come back!).

  • Creepy

    Yeah, that was actually what I was wondering about. In the original, I remember a problem where guys with really beefed up strength stats could have the grenade's arc bump the "sky". If the grenade hit the top, the thing would drop like a stone and basically ruin long-range throws without warning. It really goofed up grenadiers.

    I'm a total beginner when it comes to libtcod, but adding mouse-wheel support sounds like it'd be a butt. Good luck with that!

  • Kyzrati

    Well, I just recently offered some advice on how it could work in libtcod, and Jice already added it. Many thanks to him, but I have yet to try the latest version. (The first attempt broke the event system, and now to fix that he had to break the API!)

    In X-COM the main problem was it wouldn't let you throw *at all* without a good arc. In X@COM you'll have a lot more flexibility, and even high throws will always stay in the map.

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