Artificial Unintelligence

by Kyzrati on 20110911 , under

"Unfortunately AI will be nonexistent, so you'll have to settle for blowing up terrain and static units." --Me, Yesterday

I lied.

I figure the ARRP release will be a lot more interesting if your enemies move and shoot at you, so today I went ahead and threw in a simple AI, as well as faction-limited perspective (cannot see non-visible enemies taking their turns, etc.).

Prepare to be blown away, unless you think your squad can fight off waves of aliens teleporting into the area. Of course, you can always steal their more advanced weapons and blow *them* away...

(I haven't made the scenario yet, but hopefully I can find enough time to finish everything by release day. Too bad this is going to be an unusually busy week...)
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  • Creepy

    Endless waves of aliens grinding down your finite resources until you can no longer resist the onslaught?

    Sounds pretty X-COM to me. =B

  • Kyzrati

    Yeah, right now I'm thinking you'll start with 8 units: 4 rookies, 2 sergeants, 1 captain, and 1 commander (latter have higher XP/stats and armor). You have weaker X-COM weapons to begin with, but there'll be only a few aliens at first, mostly centered around their UFO, and you can try to steal their weapons (and use them w/out research :). Random alien races will intermittently teleport onto the map with random weapons. The demo will have very basic random map generation, too.

    Technically you *can* win, though, by simply killing *all* the aliens, at which point they'll stop sending more.

    I'm fitting in coding when I can this week... Hope I can finish it all.

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