Death by Proxy

by Kyzrati on 20110910 , under ,

You read the title...

You've played X-COM before...

You know exactly what I'm talking about...

Let's flex our new-found throwing muscles and put the hurt on an unsuspecting alien emerging from his craft...

(Not a great video, but maybe throwing the electro-flare and smoke grenade helps make up for it? :)

So as you can see, proximity grenades work, as do many other kinds of grenade explosions. Any item with an attached "throwing explosion" also has a "grenade use" setting. Besides the standard/expected PRIME and PROXIMITY settings, I added support for these:
  • IMPACT: Explodes immediately on impact if thrown (instead of waiting until the end of the turn like a normal grenade primed to 0).
  • VOLATILE: Like IMPACT, but will also explode if it falls and hits the ground.
  • REMOTE: Thrown/dropped and set off remotely/manually with a detonator. This is not yet fully supported, since there is no way to create detonators, but it seems like a frequently requested option in X-COM remakes, so it could eventually be added (not going to bother in the short-term, though).
None of these were in the original X-COM, but they could later be used to create interesting items.

In other news, I've decided to join this year's ARRP with X@COM! Everybody's doing it :) Seriously, if I wait until I'm far enough along to make the game semi-playable and good enough to get through my perfectionism filter, it could be many months away, and this being a project with a fairly clearly defined initial goal, it's not like I've got a ton of secrets to hide when it comes to gameplay. The unique components are a ways down the road, anyway.

I may as well let people try the game out early, so I'll be releasing occasional tech demos beginning September 18th, 2011. Tech demo releases probably won't be all that frequent (compared to playable releases, which will be updated quite often when they start coming), but I may as well throw something out there just to be a part of ARRP.

So what can you expect? It'll no doubt come with a big fat disclaimer, but hey, it's a sandbox tech demo, after all. Content-wise, you'll basically be getting the latest version I'm using to debug/code the game, so it'll include all the features you've read about in posts and seen in the videos. Unfortunately AI will be nonexistent, so you'll have to settle for blowing up terrain and static units. Anyone interested could, however, play with the data files (text) and create/modify just about any object... I'm still undecided on whether to leave debug output/interface features in the demo.

As usual, opinions are welcome!
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  • jice

    One word: release!
    Look at my last year release. It was nothing more than a tech demo. Arrp is not only about finished games, it's about roguelike community breathing, so let's breath! :)

  • Kyzrati

    Heh, thanks jice; and I agree, which is why I added myself to the ARRP list a few days ago, right next to you--alphabetically, of course :)

    And I've been watching that list for a while... it sure has ballooned in the past couple weeks!

    I was originally going to wait at least few months to release something, but ARRP looks like a good opportunity to jump start X@COM's public releases. Just wish I'd started sooner and had a little more to show!

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