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by Kyzrati on 20130504 , under

10101 has done it again and brought us another mission from the original X-COM. Remember scurrying through malls, shops, gas stations, and warehouses searching for civilians before the aliens found them, only to hear the screams of their death when you're too late?

Yep, it's a terror mission.

Like the Farm mod it has high replayability given that you can start with different squads and craft, and face off against different randomly chosen races (intel will tell you which at the outset, in case you'd like a different opponent).

While it's probably not too difficult to at least survive this mission, getting a reasonable score is an entirely different matter.

One advantage you'll have compared to the original game is you can press 'n' when a soldier is facing a civilian to have them follow that soldier, and even lead them to an evac zone if you want to get them off the map (to make room for bigger explosions, of course ;p).

Another change from X-COM is that the Lightning squad can carry sniper rifles, described here by 10101:
  • Light Sniper Rifle:
    Weakest of the sniper rifles. Only slightly more damage than a normal rifle. Slow but accurate aimed shot and a snapshot like the rifle, but slightly slower (best snap of the sniper rifles). Eight shots per clip.
  • Laser Sniper Rifle:
    Superior to the light sniper rifle in everything but the snapshot which is horribly inaccurate as you have to aim while waiting for the beam to charge. Damage ranges between laser rifle and heavy laser. Unlimited ammo like all laser weapons. 
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle:
    The mother of all sniper rifles. Due to its bulk the snapshot is both innacurate and slow. Aiming takes even longer than with the other sniper rifles (90% TU) and you have to load each bullet seperately. On the other hand it is the third most accurate weapon in the game (after the blaster launcher and the HWP-blaster) and its damage is as high as other explosive weapons (approximately equivalent to an alien grenade or small launcher).
We've so got this--an Avenger carrying four tanks, and two mutons with their backs facing us... (First tank rolls down the ramp and is shot to pieces by plasma fire from a different angle.)

10101's Farm mod has also been upgraded to X@COM R9.1, which fixes the ambient sound bug on restarts.

REXPaint update: X@COM's ASCII art editor is almost complete--the only bit remaining is its built-in file browser, so the next post will most likely introduce the new development tool and its features.
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  • Unknown

    XcomRL is not like any Xcom game i played before.
    So exciting, imagination, thinking.
    Thank you very much for this mod!
    It make me think twice, and more carefully. Not only kill aliens, but also save the each others.

  • Kyzrati

    Great to hear fans still playing XCOMRL :D. Every time I hear it it gives me strong urges to continue work on it right away (since I already want to myself :P). Being swamped with work sucks :'(

    10101 is the modder who put this one together, and he did a fine job of it. Saving civilians is always a tough job... you can also save civvies and others in the Cataclysm mod, and some of them are armed!

    Soooo many more things I want to do with X@COM it makes me. It's nice to hear you say it's unlike any XCom game you've played before, since honestly I'd worry that it wouldn't be so interesting to today's environment given that we have OpenXCom, Xenonauts, XCOM 2, and more. Sure X@COM gets downloaded and played a lot, but there are so many other options out there to choose from as well!

  • Unknown

    I'm not a game-dev or a XCom Supper-Fan. I'm just a normal people who like turn-based tactic strategy games. So, I'm just saying from objective opinion :D

    Kyzrati, you don't know what are you making. You're making the best "turn-based tactic roguelike game" , no one do it before, nobody can imagine.

    Many people love Xcom games but no one imagine playing Xcom like this (roguelike).
    Searching "Xcom roguelike" and i can make sure about this.(So sad because it still has not yet become popular)
    But, you are making a revolution, from evolution of Xcom game today back in truly Xcom-Core.

    I know you're working hard on Cogmind. But i believe you also success with XComRL, when your experience put into XcomRL and make it better than ever.

    When this game releases, I'm sure it will sell well (100% Xcom-fans must have it in "Xcom Collection" (with unique style)).

    With normal gamers (who don't interested in "Roguelike text based"), they will feel comfortable with this Xcom New Graphic Engine and the GUI, because it easy to reach than any "Roguelike text based " games.
    Like Cogmind, the graphic, GUI get better and better. And, I love the way you make the bored roguelike version come to life with spectacular effect, excited sound (most important in game's environment ambience).

    Thanks for your work !
    Keep it up bro.

  • Kyzrati

    Ha, well, I do admit I think it could be something awesome, though in working towards Cogmind 1.0 I've realized exactly what it would take to complete my vision for X@COM, both in terms of time and money (okay, mostly the same thing :P). I knew it would be a lot, but now I have numbers in my head and they aren't pretty!

    I can see the potential popularity, so there's hope for it eventually, but I need to build some other games to raise money first. Actually, X@COM has quite a few people who have played already, but I don't maintain a community around it like I do for Cogmind so there's no discussion. It's had a zillion downloads over the years :)

    But yeah my goal is to truly evolve the original UFO, because that's always been my favorite! So much more that can be done with it, even in the roguelike/ASCII medium.

    Unfortunately I don't have the time to devote to it as a hobby, so the time frame for development will depend on market factors, financial considerations, blah blah. So, if you ever come across someone really rich who's interested in funding the game without any strings attached, I'd totally go for it ;)

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Unknown

    Like i said before, It unique because it makes people have to imagine, more brain activity. And believe me, play Xcom this way make more sense (more imagine like a child, use all senses, body and mind to play, truly playing)

    On the status of work you've done at the moment is good enough. The Xcom Community just keep calm and see the next surprise things when it done (well, a lot of fun :D)

    I don't have a lot of money for funding.
    But I can do the thing that people always do: Share a good game !
    I can see the power of sharing and the community very strong when they really want make a special thing.

    So, why don't enjoy the game and share it with each other ? :)

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