Paint Me an Alien Invasion

by Kyzrati on 20130511 , under

REXPaint is ready for use/abuse.

For any of you interested in the modern computer-aided impressionism/abstract art scene, and I'll bet there are at least 0.63 of you, this announcement should be cause for an immediate download! :)

I've set up a separate blog for it here where you can download the latest release and read about the features, find more screenshots, etc. All further REXPaint related news will be posted over there.

Here's the main paint mode interface in action, along with a floater for all of your ASCII floater needs:
You can see earlier stages as I worked towards the "final" design (though not really final--just me doodling).
Check out the REXPaint blog for more.
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  • Kyzrati

    Hehe, you know, Blogger has a bit of a problem with that. I've gotten e-mails from people in other parts of the world "saying hi to a fellow developer from such-and-such country", when it's really just Blogger always using the reader's IP to direct you to the local version of the blog...

    I see my own site as .tw :)

    (Unless you made the assumption based on other grounds, but past experiences suggest this was what did it ;p)

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I didn't know that! Yes that's right, I see this site as blogspot.se. I don't think Blogger did that in the past. Confusing! :)

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