Mod: "Aggression"

by Kyzrati on 20121031 , under

And we have our first total conversion by Andrew Sundberg! (maker of Cataclysm+)

Take control of a party of orcish raiders as they put the smack down on a human town, or die trying. The party is led by the warlord himself, supported by grunts, archers, a varg, and the oh-so-deadly Elder. Face off against guards, adventurers, mounted knights, mages, monks and more. And don't forget to slay some peasants!

Here is my gang of orcs after having cut a bloody path through the town, now preparing to break into the graveyard crypt to find out what's in those sarcophagi: 

And here were the results of my last test run (I didn't even use my fuming vials!):
Not quite as good as my first run using an earlier version, but Aggression got a bit more difficult since then :)

So go get some Aggression on the files page, and if you'd like to discuss it feel free to join us on Bay 12 or the X@COM modding forum.

This mod wasn't too long in the making--most dev time was consumed by tweaking and balancing, then it sat around in the incubator forum while playtesters gave it a spin (and I've been waiting to upload it since the primary server is down). Expect even greater work from Andrew and other modders in the future!

Note: The primary server is still down, so the site looks a bit weird without its proper fonts and images, including the background image... Downloads are fine though, since I've set up a mirror.
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  • Kyzrati

    I'll focus on pumping your ego, you work on improving your talents :)

    Seriously, you showed some interesting insights into using the abilities to mod some fun content, and that's without even a manual to go on, so I'm sure your next project whenever it may come along will be even better.

  • Andrew Sundberg

    I'm doing a pony project next, I think.
    All modesty aside, that was the point of Aggression; to get better. I had fun with it and all, but more than anything else the skills I had to use to get it into the condition it's in now will help with the projects I /really/ want to work on.

  • Kyzrati

    Hm, I totally guessed it!

    I know there are fans of pony X-COM out there (and just about pony everything), but be forewarned that the potential player base for X-COM + pony + roguelike is going to be a niche of a niche ;)

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