R8, Now with Extra 0.1

by Kyzrati on 20121023 , under

R8 just got a little update, mostly just bugfixes for new features the modders are using, along with a slew of internal tweaks to help them improve existing mods and bring you even better ones.

Of course there is one big change for players: Armor is now an item that can be removed, as described in the previous post. Ctrl-r is the key to both equip and remove armor, which requires two free hands. These actions can also be performed by mouse through the inventory screen. Most of the regular armors are not removable, but for now it'll at least be of some help in Cataclysm since you can pick up bulletproof vests and the like off dead policemen and unique units.

You'll need to grab the new version to play future mod releases, and I updated Cataclysm+ to v3--it's now compatible with 8.1.
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  • Steve

    Kyzrati, loving the depth of play coming out of the game. Very engaging and is inspiring me to think of Mod ideas!

    One thing I found - maybe by design - in Cataclysm Plus, using the antidote on an xcom character converts them into a civilian, not back to an xcommer so I lose them from my team. Not had chance to try it in earlier Cataclysm versions.

  • Kyzrati

    Glad to hear it!

    The antidote always converts back to a civilian--just worked with what I had available and could easily do with the scripting system. Probably makes some sense that after being a zombie, they shouldn't really remember much, anyway ;p

    And injecting zombie spawn probably shouldn't have an effect, you're right, but all I did when designing that ability was test whether the target is undead. Really it should test whether they're a convert. I uploaded a fixed Cataclysm Plus+; the vanilla version will wait until R8.2, scheduled for a few weeks from now.

  • Kyzrati

    True, that's an additional benefit, as aliens use racial armor rather than equipped armor. Of course there are other units that wear armor as well, but this does as least break them into two categories that helps distinguish units further.

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