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As I warned, most of the past month was spent on vacation. So no X@COM :(

What I didn't foresee, however, is that I'd come up with a fun idea for a 7DRL, which I'm now spending my free time brainstorming for.

So no X@COM, still :'(

At least it could possibly be a fun little test bed for X@COM UI elements, since it'll be developed using the exact same tech--in fact, it's going to run under a gutted 2D version of X@COM itself.

I'm not quite sure if it's going to work out yet, and I can already smell a failure on the horizon since this game idea would be better suited to a 3-6 month dev time, but in order to squeeze down the design doc I've been hacking the features list to about 10% of its original length. The result should still be playable, though not quite as dynamic or interesting as I originally intended it, as the gameplay will have to focus purely on the core mechanic and nothing else.

The title is Cogmind, and compared to X@COM it will be a far more traditional roguelike: A sci-fi dungeon romp in which you control a single character with single-action turns. For details, you can check the Cogmind blog. (Doesn't exist yet--I'll update this post with a link at some point.)

As a 7DRL, Cogmind has a finite completion time and won't be in the way for too long, so fear not, I'll get back to X@COM soon enough. (The current public demo expires at the end of March, so I have to get out another release by then...)
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