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X@COM is freeware, but downloading the file below shows that you understand and agree to the following conditions:
  • X@COM is made available "as is" with no warranty of any kind, and its author cannot be held responsible for any damage to your system.
  • X@COM may NOT be redistributed over public channels; the latest version will always be available on this page. The demo may be redistributed freely through private means (such as e-mail), provided all of its files remain unchanged. Any modified data files should be distributed separately.
  • The X-COM name and game content are the property of their respective copyright holders.
See the included readme file for more information.

X@COM Alpha Demo: Download***
Current Version: 0.17.130815r9.4 (changelog)
Platform: Windows
File Size: 9.89 MB
***The demo above only includes the original/older missions--if you've played before check for newer missions as stand-alone mods below. (Newer missions also include more features and full sound.)

You must have the latest runtime DLLs (msvcp100.dll, msvcr100.dll) to run the game. If X@COM complains about DLL files, download and install the MSVC++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86). After clicking "Download" it will list multiple versions, and the one you need is "vcredist_x86.exe". (Also make sure the game is run with admin rights so that it can write to its own directory, otherwise it may crash.)

For Linux users:
The only VC++ runtime DLLs actually needed are those mentioned above. If you're using Wine and are unable to install the redistributable, you can run the command "winetricks vcrun2010," or download those two files from the web and put them in Wine's "windows/system32" directory to play.


These are stand-alone mods and do not require a copy of the core game to run. Simply decompress and run the included .bat file.
Mod Modder Ver./Date
(X@COM ver.)
Union Strange guy 1.01/13.08.28
Mech warfare total conversion: Lead a mixed squad of infantry, special forces, and mechs to expel the United Planetary Federation garrison bordering Union-controlled territory. (see announcement post).
[Filesize: 9.86MB | Sound: FULL]
Terror 10101 2.2/13.08.25
Completely dynamic recreation of the original terror mission. Land in either a Skyranger, Lightning, or Avenger, and fight through houses, malls, shops, gas stations, and warehouses to find any civilians before the aliens do. (see announcement post).
[Filesize: 9.79MB | Sound: FULL]
Farm 10101 3.41/13.05.04
Completely dynamic recreation of the original farm mission. Land in either a Skyranger, Lightning, or Avenger, and search barns and wade across cornfields while looking for the UFO crash/landing site. Encounter any of the UFO types up to and including even a massive battleship. (see announcement post).
[Filesize: 9.79MB | Sound: FULL]
Ground Zero Kyzrati 1.01/13.04.05
X@COM's first mission with sound effects fully-enabled. Hear movement, weapons, explosions, impacts, destruction, ambience, and more as you lead the squad tasked with stalling a large-scale alien invasion. Take on multiple landed UFOs! (see announcement post).
[Filesize: 9.71MB | Sound: FULL]
A Rookie's Tale Kyzrati 1.08/13.04.01
A total conversion fantasy megamod that mixes the mechanics of X-COM with the atmosphere and variety of D&D and traditional roguelikes. (see announcement post and guide).
[Filesize: 1.36MB | Sound: UI]
Assault Draxis 1.2/12.11.25
Lead a force of X-COM operatives in an assault on an alien base (see announcement post).
[Filesize: 1.53MB | Sound: UI]
Aggression Andrew Sundberg 1.61/13.02.06
Total conversion mod that sees you leading a band of orcs as they raid a human town (see announcement post).
[Filesize: 1.56MB | Sound: UI]
Cataclysm+ Debesh Unnos 1.0/12.10.23
Extends Cataclysm with a local X-COM base, alien cult, and abandoned house (see readme for more).
[Filesize: 1.55MB | Sound: UI]

  • Warning if you're coming from a newer version: Some mods are not powered by the latest version of X@COM, and therefore may not take advantage of all the features currently available.
  • Anyone interested in modding should join us on the forum.
  • Linux/Wine and some Windows users may find that your system does not like the provided batch file used to run mods, in which case you can find another batch file by the same name in the game directory itself and run that instead, which should work.