Case File: Victor Wade, Legend

by Kyzrati on 20121216 , under

A little teaser, the intro text for what I'm working on. I wanted to have it ready around mid-December, but I also prefer to include nearly everything in the design doc to retain as much epic potential as possible, and those two goals are definitely at odds with one another. Having no strict deadlines, I made the obvious choice ;p

Mechanics and core content have been finished for a while, but it comes with a huge amount of dynamic content and map areas that have yet to be completed. I'm gradually working down the long list of the latter--eight unique starting areas are already complete, as are two possible boss areas (huge on their own). Then comes several more boss areas and all the little interesting areas in between. Should be fun.

For anyone who didn't read about recent progress, this is the project I was talking about last month (see post), aimed at testing more engine features and making sure it's up to the task of handling all manner of craziness. So far I'm very satisfied, as it is apparently capable of handling a lot of unexpected features.

Also, just like last year, Roguelike of the Year voting has begun. It's not a competition, just an expression of support, so if you like X@COM (and Cogmind for that matter, which was also released this year), head over there and vote for us along with any other roguelikes you've enjoyed this year!
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