Terminal Obsession

by Kyzrati on 20120701 , under

The special abilities framework is hands down the single most complex and expansive component of the code so far. It wasn't too much trouble to get the framework up and running, but adding all the moving parts that make it useful takes a while because so much can fit in there. The framework can currently process 21 triggers (at least 20 more planned), 11 conditions (dozens more planned), and 11 categories of effects (at least 17 more planned).

I'd be further along by now if not for a hard drive failure that siphoned away many hours of free time as I tried to recover everything. (X@COM is, and always will be, safe--unless all three of my redundant backups are simultaneously abducted by aliens, in which case no promises. If it makes you feel better, though, know that I would try to get them back :)

I'm eager to finish this system and continue chipping away at the R7 feature list, but I'll be disappearing for several weeks now--on the road without any coding time... It'll at least be a good opportunity to organize the design docs, which have become rather bloated with ideas and lists.

Because I needed at least SOME image for this post, here's a shot of the new "terminal" font set which will come with the next release for those commanders who want to give their console a more traditional look. It's only available at 1280x960 or greater, as the font doesn't scale down very well:
The scene above is an automated first turn on the Exodus map as the rescue mission is beset by a pack of shredders that surges out from behind the surrounding buildings under cover of darkness.
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