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    This version roadmap is subject to change (in many cases I might push back a feature to the following release, or move one up), but this is a fairly comprehensive list of the remaining major features to implement, at least for the battlescape. (For non-major features, see the changelog.) This will be updated as things change. Some of the roadmap-listed features that are supposedly "to-be-implemented" may actually already be available in the demo (HUD, priming, scoring, etc.), but don't count because they're merely placeholders in their current form. Items in all caps refer to those containing multiple components (those lower on the list will be fleshed out as development approaches those stages):

    ----------------------------------Battlescape Development
    [tech demo]
    0.10 Full Inventory
    0.11 Sound: UI (test)
    0.11 Mechanic: Variable Anatomy 
    0.11 Messages: Info (+UI)
    0.11 Messages: Combat/Logging (+UI)
    0.11 UI: Narrow Fonts
    0.15 UI: Help Framework
    0.15 Mechanic: Morale
    0.15 Mechanic: Special Abilities 
    0.15 Unit: Silacoids
    0.15 Unit: Chryssalids
    0.15 Item: Motion Scanner (+UI) 
    0.15 Item: Medi-Kit (+UI)
    0.15 Item: Mind Probe (+UI)
    0.16 Item: Psi-amp (+UI)
    0.16 Modding (test)
    0.17 Engine: Optimization
    0.17 Sound: Destruction
    0.17 Sound: Weapons (test)
    0.17 Sound: Units (test)
    0.17 Sound: Ambient (test) 

    0.17 UI: Priming
    0.17 UI: Map Dynamics
    [^^^CURRENT STATE^^^] - (on hiatus, reboot date TBA!)
    0.19 UI: HUD
    0.19 UI: Ufopaedia
    0.20 UI: Intro
    0.20 UI: Main Menu
    0.20 UI: Mission Intro
    0.20 UI: Mission Results
    0.20 UI: Options
    0.20 Option: Keybinding
    0.25+ DATA
    0.40+ AI
    -------------------------------------Geoscape Development
    0.50+ GEOSCAPE
    0.?? Mechanic: Experience
    0.?? Mechanic: Scoring
    0.?? Mechanic: Difficulty Levels
    0.90+ Testing/Adjustments
    1.00 Complete X-COM Remake
    1.01+ FUN STUFF

    Last Updated: 20130815
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  • Anonymous

    Heh, with your latest release of 'A Rookie's Tale' it looks like you may have tread well into 'FUN STUFF' territory ehh? Reguardless, well done so far.

  • Kyzrati

    Quite true! This is, however, "unofficial" FUN STUFF, while official said STUFF will come after 1.0 of the core game :) Adding modding at this early stage certainly changed up the landscape, and the fun stuff of now is aimed at making sure the engine supports the fun stuff of the future :)

    Honestly, the original path of development has to an extent been thrown off by feature creep. When this project began, the plan was to blast through it as quickly as possible (perhaps evident in the first three months of rapid development) in order to get the full game to a playable "finished" state (geoscape and all).

    This is something I've again been considering in recent days, as even now I'm still preparing to add yet more new battlescape systems--there will be a post about that soon, and I may end up postponing them just to keep things on track.


  • Kyzrati

    Hello and thank you!

    Unfortunately it's... not :P. At least not "directly." There has been progress on improving the engine side of things, and much design progress in terms of ASCII innovations, both coming out of my current WIP game, Cogmind. These will benefit X@COM once the project is rebooted.

    There's a lot to play with as is, though nothing new since 2013.

    I also didn't realize that a couple years back when the project went on hiatus I actually put the prospective return date on the roadmap! I'll have to change that now :P. I originally planned for Cogmind to be a one- or two-year project, after which I'd get back to this one (so, around now), but later decided that it was worth turning Cogmind into an even bigger game, and it's become more like a four-year project!

    I also may not work on X@COM immediately after finishing Cogmind, instead taking on another medium-sized project first. Right now I'm trying to build a sustainable business that will allow me to continue developing full time, so I have to take that into consideration as well.

    Thanks for asking, though! I will update the roadmap now. I really do want to get back to X@COM, and I know I will one day...

  • JeramyBSmith

    Hey buddy, just wanted to check up on how everything is going in 2017. Were you able to start your new project yet, or even a tease. Cogmind has turned out to be a really inspirational game to me. I don't know if you would need it, but if you need any help on anything let me know. I am planning on starting a ASCII game here soon and would love to have a mentor of sorts! Take it easy buddy!

  • Kyzrati

    I always work alone, though anyone looking to get into roguelike development can learn a lot from my dev blog or, even better and more varied, our roguelikedev subreddit!

    As for projects, I'm still working on Cogmind, and will be for at least the next year (even though it's mostly done :P). Updates about my work are always posted to the forums.

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