OpenXcom 1.0

by Kyzrati on 20140614 , under

Can't get enough X-COM? If you love the original game, then you'll definitely love OpenXcom even more since it's a cross-platform, moddable, open source remake using the original data! After years in development, today they released 1.0, including a massive number of interface enhancements that bring this classic into the modern day.

If you know about X@COM it's likely you've already heard of OpenXcom (it's also been in the sidebar since... the beginning), but it doesn't hurt to give a shout out to this great project! There is already a large and growing number of mods, so check it out--and check out the updated bgm in this video that shows off all the goodies!:

X@COM development is still slated to resume some time next year. See the previous post for a summary of the current state of things.
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