A Different Point of View

by Kyzrati on 20110724 , under

This being a 3D world, a direct overhead map is often just not sufficient to show whether your barrage of plasma is going to take off that alien's head, or just burn a hole in some tree.

Enter the side view.

It's not much to look at, but it serves its purpose as a functional firing aid to show the elevation of your LOF. The side view appears automatically above the top of the map whenever your LOF is displayed on the map, and shows the LOF elevation in every vertical column of cells it passes through. The higher the elevation, the brighter the line (though cell traversal distance still impacts the line's shading).

In the test map below, our soldier fresh off the Avenger already has an enemy in his sights. As shown in the side view (the shooter always appears in the bottom left), his bullet will pass over the fence and through the second story window to smack that alien. Assuming he hits, that is... [Some objects are depicted slightly differently in the side view--you can see the fence is now a '#'; bonus: entities can finally be represented by their proper '@'!]

However, his buddy here has spotted another enemy on the roof, but his line of fire is blocked by a tree... oops. Time for plan B! (I suppose that'll have to wait for when I can add explosives enough to just bring the entire house down :)
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