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by Kyzrati on 20120318 , under

The 7DRL Challenge game which has been keeping me from X@COM development is now complete! Check out the Cogmind blog for details. The blog should look pretty familiar... Hell, even the game has a visual style identical to X@COM since it was written based on the same code.

Unfortunately there was way too little time to use Cogmind for some of the X@COM test development I had intended--my initial 7DRL plan was far too ambitious and I barely managed to crank out a finished game as is.

However, the interface does show off some features already available in unreleased versions of X@COM, so you can check out Cogmind to get a preview of what'll be coming down the pipe for R6 and beyond. Tell me if you like (or don't like) what you see. Things to look for: the message log, UI test sounds, and animated HUD (though the X@COM version is going to look much cooler, since I threw together the Cogmind HUD as fast as I could).

While the two games may look similar, Cogmind plays totally differently. I had lots of fun playtesting it, and you should definitely give it a spin. Tell me my hiatus from X@COM was worth it! :)

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