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by Kyzrati on 20121125 , under

We have our second full mod, this time from Draxis!

Lead a semi-randomly outfitted squad of fully-armed soldiers to take an alien base in Assault. Quite a nostalgic mission, as the design is based on the original alien base assault from X-COM! Most of the gear is standard, though you may have access to the flamethrower as well, which will come in handy if the chryssalids get some of your guys.

Check out some maps generated by Draxis' mod:

I played several games, and in the last was on track to win without losing a single soldier, if not for my own Wolfgang's stupidity. Just before taking the command center the squad used a stolen small launcher to fire back into the darkness from where we were taking heavy fire; advancing forward we found a pile of unconscious snakemen bodies, yay! After everyone passed that spot, Wolfgang decided to do away with the bodies before moving on (didn't want to risk any of them coming to, nor waste time picking up all their weapons). Prime alien grenade for immediate detonation... forget to leave enough time to get around the corner... ka-boom, Wolfgang joins the pile of snakemen bodies.

Get your own copy from the files page!
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  • Kyzrati

    Hey, it's my game, so I know all the cheat codes!

    Seriously, just play defensively and leap frog advances and it's hard to lose as long as you don't overextend yourself. I even split my guys up into 3 sub-squads and still didn't feel overwhelmed--I think Assault is a bit more about atmosphere than sheer difficulty.

    That said, this particular run was quite different from the first game of Assault I played a couple weeks ago, where I got ambushed from behind by multiple chryssalids and lost 4 soldiers on turn one--then it was mostly downhill from there ;p

    And for the record, that one loss doesn't count, because it wasn't to the aliens!

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