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TMP - Temporary demo feature
NEW - New feature
MOD - Modification to existing system
FIX - Bug/crash fixes


X@COM 0.17.130815r9.4

* MOD: Changed time reserve interface behavior, also now requires explicit specification of left/right hand
* MOD: Improved highlighting behavior in some windows
* FIX: Firing the last shot of limited-shot weapon that is its own ammo caused crash (regression)
* FIX: Correct message shown when attempting to throw from an empty hand
* FIX: If LOF/POF visualizations active as unit moves, they will be updated with every step even when cursor stationary
* FIX: Record of whether map was seeded manually is properly stored with saved games

X@COM 0.17.130811r9.3

* FIX: Unable to change font size (regression)

X@COM 0.17.130807r9.3

* NEW: Command to label all visible hostile contacts by name on keypress, and automatically at the beginning of a new turn or on spotting a new enemy
* NEW: Command to label all visible neutral/friendly contacts
* NEW: Command to label all controlled units, color coded by their health state
* NEW: Command to label all weapons/items wielded by controlled units, color coded by their remaining ammo (where applicable)
* NEW: Command to label all items visible on map (minus bodies)
* NEW: Support for basic prop/item animation
* NEW: Explosives primed/armed by controlled units glow on the map
* NEW: On-map visualization of expected explosive AOE for projectiles and thrown explosives (if primed)
* NEW: Primed grenades/proxies in inventory show timer indicator
* MOD: Temporary grenade priming interface replaced by a proper console with mouse input
* MOD: Prime grenade hotkey ('p'/'P') automatically sets timer value to 0, unless Alt pressed to choose timer value manually
* MOD: Primed grenades picked up from the ground are no longer automatically unprimed (prevented hot-potato passes)
* MOD: Removed highlight threats command ('e') (obsolete)
* MOD: FOV/visual data updated for every shot in a burst, rather than once at the end
* FIX: Incorrect mouseover color for profile console cycle buttons (regression)
* FIX: Races immune to unconsciousness can no longer be forced unconscious by special abilities
* FIX: Unconscious units were capable of reactive melee attacks
* FIX: HTML log output escapes angle brackets for repeat message indicators (so they're visible now)

X@COM 0.17.130522r9.2

* MOD: Saved games compressed (tiny now)
* FIX: Default Cataclysm mod works again without giving version error (regression)

X@COM 0.17.130429r9.1

* NEW: Replaced default font
* FIX: Ambient sounds continued playing after restart/load

X@COM 0.17.130401r9 "Sound Like a Hero"

* TMP: Sandbox comes with a set of test sounds (deactivated in missions by default)
* NEW: Sound system supporting weapons, explosions, destruction, impacts, movement, injury, ambience, and more
* NEW: Melee attacks that fail to destroy terrain give relative effectiveness feedback
* NEW: Identical consecutive log messages are folded together
* NEW: Aliens may use grenades (in mods only)
* NEW: '1' & '2' keys can be used to change map view level (for nonstandard keyboards)
* MOD: Engine renderer speed effectively doubled (++FPS!)
* MOD: Default non-FOV mode changed to "unlit"
* FIX: Proximity grenades must be primed/activated before throwing
* FIX: Z-level resets properly to shooter when burst-fired projectiles miss high/low
* FIX: Auto-generated rubble terrain was invisible (regression)

X@COM 0.16.130206r8.7

* MOD: Cursor selection of an empty space for movement will auto-target the ground below it (e.g., disembarking from Skyranger)
* FIX: Burst firing unlimited-ammo weapons would allow unlimited shots (regression)

X@COM 0.16.130203r8.6

* NEW: Hand-held light-emitting items illuminate the environment
* NEW: Armor can act as a light source, and optionally cover/block racial light
* NEW: Burst firing mode supports any number of projectiles, and a salvo option for simultaneously firing multiple projectiles
* MOD: Movement will always choose straight path to destination if clear, even if it is not the cheapest route by TU/EN
* MOD: HUD always shows remaining ammo (overwrites ammo name where necessary)
* MOD: Inventory window widened, and now shows ammo counts wherever helpful
* FIX: Swapping item between hands in inventory now costs 0 TU (was already available as free action through 'w' hotkey on map)
* FIX: Spawning/mutations in constricted areas will attempt even more alternate methods of placement

X@COM 0.16.130123r8.5

* NEW: Path visualization includes option to show full area
* MOD: Racial/armor incendiary damage modifiers also reduce/prevent damage applied to burning units
* FIX: Crash caused by objects falling on and crushing treasure chests in Rookie's Tale

X@COM 0.16.130115r8.4

* FIX: Missing with last shot of limited-shot weapon that is its own ammo caused crash

X@COM 0.16.130107r8.3 (Fantasy X-COM)

* MOD: Path visualization auto-updates as unit moves
* MOD: Tabbing through squad will not auto-deactivate path visualization
* MOD: Grouped AI-controlled units more aggressive, willing to leave leader's side to attack leader-designated target
* FIX: Weapon range limits properly observed in all cases
* FIX: Ability popup menu items were sometimes unreadable (black text)
* FIX: Unit-sourced lights properly activate/deactivate in all cases (affected some settings for mod use only)
* FIX: Mission records show mod name instead of "CATACLYSM"
* FIX: Evacuating family members before X-COM in Cataclysm would actually reduce total score

X@COM 0.16.121024r8.2

* FIX: Exodus evac zone properly detected (regression)

X@COM 0.16.121023r8.1

* NEW: Some armors removable/equippable in the field (ctrl-r, or z on inventory screen)
* NEW: Support for long (multi-turn) actions, e.g. armor swapping
* FIX: Melee attacks against missing targets no longer allow weapon to "fly" away
* FIX: Guided weapons (e.g. blaster launcher) no longer use waypoints for melee attacks
* FIX: Walls sitting above ceilings on levels higher than a unit are blocked from FOV
* FIX: Multiple projectiles (mod feature) simultaneously flying through same occupied space will no longer crash on collision
* FIX: Mission results show name of mod instead of "CATACLYSM"

X@COM 0.16.121013r8 "You Added What?!"

* TMP: Cataclysm scenario moddable (incl. total conversion support)
* NEW: Seed the map/mission generator
* NEW: Psi-amp
* NEW: Ability selection menu
* NEW: Intrinsic abilities
* NEW: Action: Swap hands ('w')
* NEW: -noHelp switch to block all tutorial help
* MOD: Cataclysm content updates (tweaks & fixes)
* MOD: Unit speech is now shown if within earshot, not based on FOV
* MOD: Destroyed doors/windows leave floor below them intact
* MOD: Targeting command list (F1) only given while targeting
* MOD: LOF visualization allowed even when unarmed
* MOD: Switched to a different type of random number generator
* FIX: Can throw directly to ally positions
* FIX: Implied target always reported correctly on HUD while aiming
* FIX: Missing roof tiles in some large fonts
* FIX: Fullscreen activation retains current font if already largest for desktop area

X@COM 0.15.120921r7.3

* MOD: Cataclysm content updates (tweaks & fixes)

X@COM 0.15.120918r7.2

* FIX: Corrected projectile origin calculation for large units (screwed up by R7)

X@COM 0.15.120918r7.1

* MOD: Cataclysm content updates (tweaks & fixes)
* FIX: Bloodloss damage from critical wounds calculated in full (was incorrectly always 1/body part)
* FIX: Tutorial windows always close before parent window
* FIX: Tutorial windows always drawn correctly

X@COM 0.15.120916r7 "Chryssalids in my Backyard"

* TMP: New scenario: Cataclysm
* TMP: Minilog added to HUD
* NEW: Chryssalids and zombies
* NEW: Silacoids
* NEW: Morale system (panicking/berserking)
* NEW: Medi-Kit
* NEW: Motion scanner
* NEW: Mind Probe
* NEW: Unit profile window
* NEW: Actions: Use/Manipulate
* NEW: Automatic context help topics
* NEW: Context-based command lists (w/mouse access)
* MOD: Volatile explosive items also trigger if used in a melee attack, or if dropped by one or more levels
* MOD: Unconscious bodies retain name of unit
* MOD: More powerful error recording system (send me run.log on a crash!)
* MOD: Melee attacks now allowed against units lower/higher than attacker
* MOD: Map level view automatically resets to your attacking unit after done firing
* FIX: Standing automatically before another action stops immediately for newly spotted enemies and gives message
* FIX: Detonation timing issue with multiple simultaneous primed explosives
* FIX: Throwing to ground at current position gives proper message
* FIX: Open doorways no longer block projectiles or explosions
* FIX: Primed grenades dropped by unconscious or panicking unit will count down
* FIX: Fire damage from standing on burning terrain properly modified by racial/armor incendiary resistance
* FIX: Plasma rifle aimed shot accuracy uses correct value
* FIX: Corrected messages for invalid inventory manipulation actions
* FIX: Selected unit automatically deselected on falling unconscious
* FIX: Knockback from bludgeoning attacks will no longer push one unit onto another
* FIX: Melee units taller than one cell can now attack properly
* FIX: Squashed some bugs

X@COM 0.11.120517r6 "Bleeping Good Time"

* TMP: Message shown while grenade prime input mode is active
* TMP: Score and combat log output to colored html file
* NEW: Variable anatomy supported
* NEW: Combat/action message log
* NEW: Partial UI sounds (testing Inventory/Log/Msg sfx)
* NEW: Narrow-width fonts for Inventory, Combat Log and messages to improve readability
* NEW: Larger window support (1280x960)
* MOD: Improved interface feedback message system
* FIX: Activating fullscreen mode no longer crashes if desktop resolution insufficient
* FIX: Can fire up/down stairwells, and target enemies on them, without destroying the stairs

X@COM 0.10.111219r5 "Alpha Genesis"
* TMP: New scenario: Exodus
* NEW: Full inventory access
* NEW: Remote detonation of explosives
* NEW: Random soldier names
* NEW: Alternate font (Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn)
* MOD: Path visualization color based on available TU/Stamina
* FIX: Rookie armor (coveralls) values properly applied
* FIX: Reaction fire TU checking issue which could cause fatal error


X@COM 0.00.111021r4 "Area 51"
* TMP: New scenario: Area 51
* TMP: Score system
* TMP: Threat highlight command
* NEW: Opportunity fire (AKA reaction fire)
* NEW: Reserve TU
* NEW: Explosion effects simulatenously shown from the side
* NEW: Parabolic weapon trajectories (Celatid Spit)
* NEW: Support for multi-use weapons that "are their own ammo" (e.g., throwing knives)
* MOD: Positions of spotted units are remembered until the end of your turn
* MOD: Tanks can fire without turning to face target (turret)
* MOD: Sideview shaded based on available light
* MOD: Faster animations for non-visible actions to reduce wait times
* FIX: Pathfinding redirection when blocked by unit(s) will no longer try to smash through them (redirection system was broken by smash movement feature)
* FIX: TU cost for opening doors restored to normal (last release forced units to use smashing cost)
* FIX: Floors correctly dampen/block explosions/light at the floor, rather than below it
* FIX: Objects falling/displaced at the map edge will no longer crash game
* FIX: Effects of racial critical wound immunity properly implemented
* FIX: Various rare bugs

X@COM 0.00.111009r3 "Sheer Terror"
* NEW: Large units
* NEW: Strong units can smash through terrain
* NEW: Built-in weapon modules
* NEW: Melee attack with any item
* NEW: Bludgeoning melee attacks can knock target backward
* NEW: Change view floor with mouse wheel
* MOD: Wide/large doors open/close with a single action
* MOD: Backspace ends turn
* FIX: Unit light source deactivated on unconsciousness
* FIX: Firing at ground in unit's own position works properly for all projectiles
* FIX: Non-targeting LOF visualization checks weapon existence
* FIX: Save games no longer increase in size with each reload

X@COM 0.00.110924r2 "12K"
* ARRP: HUD more informative
* ARRP: To improve cover, reduced amount of open space and added a new orchard terrain area
* NEW: Light affects unit visibility
* MOD: Non-keypad movement scheme (arrows) more flexible, allows full range of movement
* MOD: Keyboard input more responsive
* MOD: ESC cancels priming action
* MOD: Right-click cancels firing/throwing
* MOD: ESC/Right-click stops movement
* MOD: Units may fire at targets beyond obstacles
* MOD: Auto doors close at end of turn instead of immediately when unoccupied
* MOD: Previous saved games no longer invalidated by adding/moving objects in data files
* FIX: Errors caused by AI misbehavior will be corrected without crashing

X@COM 0.00.110918r1 "ARRP"
* ARRP: Random map generation
* ARRP: Command line-controlled sandbox/scenario modes
* ARRP: Slightly more user-friendly HUD
* ARRP: Intro screen
* NEW: Multiple FOV visualization modes
* NEW: Path visualization
* MOD: Unified keyboard commands
* FIX: FOV updated while walking map edges


X@COM 0.00.110911
* NEW: Simple AI
* NEW: Perspective limited to player faction

X@COM 0.00.110910
* NEW: Grenade priming
* NEW: Proximity grenades
* NEW: Quick inventory manipulation keys (get/drop/prime)

X@COM 0.00.110906
* NEW: Light-emitting items (electro-flares/any item with attached light source)
* NEW: Throwing items
* NEW: Guided weapons can use waypoints (e.g., blaster launcher)
* FIX: Damage calculation error preventing item destruction
* FIX: Ally visibility no longer dependent on collective FOV

X@COM 0.00.110828
* NEW: Exploding terrain and units
* NEW: Effects of incendiary weapons/explosions
* NEW: Fire burning/propagation and light emission
* NEW: Units catch fire and burn
* NEW: Smoke results from fire and some weapon effects
* NEW: Smoke affects FOV and stuns units

X@COM 0.00.110822
* NEW: Particle effects

X@COM 0.00.110812
* NEW: Added projectile radius effects (explosions), including dampening by terrain
* MOD: Improved display of sloped terrain edges
* FIX: Sloped terrain is properly reoriented after an explosion

X@COM 0.00.110808
* NEW: Critically wounded units may spurt blood, and trail it while moving (color of blood, if any, set by race)
* NEW: Terrain destruction
* NEW: [optional] Effects of gravity on terrain which have insufficient support from connected terrain

X@COM 0.00.110728
* NEW: Damage effects of non-AOE projectile-unit impacts, taking into account armor, modifiers, etc.
* NEW: Critical wound system
* NEW: Body items for unconscious/dead units
* NEW: Unit death/unconsciousness/revival
* NEW: Faction FOV update on member status changes
* NEW: Falling damage and handling for special cases while falling
* NEW: Items shown on map

X@COM 0.00.110722
* NEW: Kneeling/standing
* NEW: Targeting/firing interface mode
* NEW: Accuracy calculations
* MOD: Unit icon size smaller while kneeling to reflect smaller profile
* FIX: Misdirection in flying movement handling around obstacles
* FIX: FOV inaccuracy when obstructed by props
* FIX: Visual oddities on side view display when based on high-angle LOF

X@COM 0.00.110710